Twenty-first Response – YAY LAST POST WOOOOO – I mean, SOPA.

SOPA is SO PAthetic… ahaha… ha… okay that wasn’t funny, I know. Anyway, there are so many problems with this, but I’m only going to talk about a few of them.

I think that this could really damage the way some online “artists” express themselves. For example, there are countless amounts of YouTube videos with clips from movies or television shows and copyrighted music. Okay, perhaps the footage and music is not original. But, the way that a person combines the clips together along with the music is, to me, a digital art form. These pieces of art help to reminisce of the past for viewers that watched the show or movie and/or help to think of the stories in an alternative light. Nobody would be able to make these videos if SOPA was established.

Sites like YouTube and Tumblr would face major devastation. The employees of YouTube would have to go through every single video to check for copyright infringement and remove a TON of videos. Also, they would have to change their upload system where instead of the film automatically uploading to the server, it would have to be delayed for inspection before receiving the okay to reveal it online. Both of these are too time-consuming and could result in at least a temporary shut-down of the website. This is also the case for Tumblr. Tumblr would have to inspect every single post made and take down sooooooo many of them. Then, they would also need post inspection before publishing. People would no longer like Tumblr and therefore would probably go out of business.

Lastly, if SOPA became reality, then the United States would gain the power to block any pages on the web, including ones that don’t have pirated material. You know who’s not going to stand for SOPA? A lot of people, but we must also point out the importance of hackers. Oh, there will be hackers. They will not be happy. “Anonymous” will rage. It’ll be a battle of online epic proportions!


Twentieth Response – iPhone Addiction

I think the video shows that the woman’s boyfriend has clearly given into technology. The surface struggle of this relationship is that the man has no more time for the woman because of the iphone. However, the underlying struggle is the woman’s resistance of the iphone, or technology. She doesn’t want to give in, yet she may have to accept the iphone if she wants her boyfriend back.

Hmm… I could see this happening with sex robots. The future divorce court, where the cheating spouse has a robot mistress or… wait, why is there no masculine version of this word!? Anyway, sex robots in the future would probably be built to uhh… perfect the art of sex? They would always be ready for sex whenever the human is… no frustration with the robots in comparison to other humans… eh. Sex robots seem like a waste of time and effort when we could be creating robots for more productive uses… But, I guess I can understand the potential demand for them.

Ninteenth Response – Weopia

I was confused watching this short clip, so I researched on Google what exactly Weopia is, and got this: “Weopia is the world’s first 3D virtual world dating service” – OH PLEASE. People on MMOs were already doing this! Plus, these games are probably more fun than Weopia. Anyway, this reminds me of a story of a friend:

Years ago, my friend started playing World of Warcraft. She played it a lot. One day, she meets this other player on there. They become friends, then get closer, and ended up dating each other online. At the time, my friend lived in China and the dude lived in Boston. I think they must’ve dated for a year or two online before my Chinese friend moved back to the United States in Minnesota while still continuing to date this guy. A short while later she moves all the way to Boston to be with him. I think that was a year or two ago, and they’re still happy together. The end!

I’m sure a similar scenario happens all the time, not just in WoW, but in other games too. In fact, some MMORPGs have a built in “matchmaker” feature which determines what character(s) would be best suitable for you based on common interests you select in a survey thing. One example was Luna Online, but it shut down a month or two ago…

I have a feeling that the users of Weopia won’t actually take it seriously and will shut down later on.

Eighteenth Response – “How to Live the Good Life”

(In order to understand this post, go to this page: and look at the numbered list)

My thoughts on some of these tips the page gives us in relation to technology:

1. Slow down? HA! That’s one of those difficult things to do in this day and age. Technology is all about making things faster. My generation is so used to finding the answers from Google in a flash or communicating with someone far away on Facebook in rapid time. Faster is convenience. Convenience is running our lives. Technology has crafted us into impatient beings. Slowing things down would mean throwing all our computers and smartphones out the window for the most of us.
2. “The best things in life are free. From a quiet lakeside sunset to sleeping in on a rainy day…” and playing up to level 20 on a starter account for World of Warcraft. See? I’m enjoying free things! But on a serious note, three important words echo in my head from my high school economics teacher… “Nothing is free.”
3. Foster and nurture relationships… I wish people a happy birthday on Facebook thanks to the notifications, does that count? It seems that all too often, people use Facebook as a way to develop relationships… This one co-worker I used to work with tried to get to know me better and asked me out multiple times through Facebook chat. UGH.
14. “Trying to achieve your goals without doing a little time planning is like sailing the open ocean without a compass and map.” If this happens, then I’ll find the North Star. It’s always there. Just like the internet… for now anyway.
15. Spontaneity… is that something technology is capable of? Perhaps not…
21. Technology is always striving for perfection. We’re trying to create the perfect robots. How can we compete with them if we don’t strive for it too? There is no satisfaction in failure.

Okay, I think something that should be added to this list is removing oneself from using the laptop, television, internet, and all other technologies. There is too much drama that happens online and too many negative thoughts from others. Instead, find a quiet place to just sit there and meditate. This page seems to focus more on the fact that our lives in the workplace strum the tune of our lives and not on the fact that we’re constantly around technology now.

Seventeenth Response – Tumblr and… stuff.

This is a Tumblr story.

So, I have this friend. We both have Tumblr accounts, but with different purposes. I simply reblog stuff I like and once in a while say what’s on my mind or rant. I mainly do this in hopes of communicating with a few friends I have that also have Tumblr, but never seem to have the time to get on Skype to talk, but anyway…

The purpose of my friend’s Tumblr is mainly to post her fanfiction, which is adored by a lot of people. She has over 1,000 followers. I have 16. I could care less how many followers I have, and don’t care at all if I lose any. However, this is not the case with my friend.

Whenever she loses a few followers, she almost always posts a sad message about how sorry she is and asks what she did wrong to lose followers. Really? YOU HAVE OVER 1000 FOLLOWERS, WHY DOES IT MATTER!?!? I really didn’t understand.

But, maybe it has to do with feeling important, as discussed at some point in class this semester. Perhaps she starts to feel less significant when people stop following her. I wonder if this pattern will continue for as long as she has her Tumblr, even though she gains more followers than loses. Will it get to the point where she has 5000 followers and still whine over losing three of them? As the number of followers increase, does your thirst for more “power” become extreme?

Although she does not have “power”, a site like Tumblr can definitely act as a site for communities with power. For example, I have another friend I follow that’s obsessed with the TV show Fringe. However, this show was on the verge of cancellation, despite its loyal fan-base. I saw so many re-blogs of Fringe articles and posts about ways to save the show and get it renewed for one more season and thousands would re-blog or like the posts. Information can easily be passed around on a site like Tumblr. Twitter can probably do the same I suppose (it got Fringe tags trending), but Tumblr has no limits on post sizes, unlike tweets. Anyway, thanks to the show’s loyal fanbase, Fox decided to renew Fringe for a final season: (although other factors contributed to the renewal, the fact that they mention the loyal fan-base, despite the not-so-good ratings and losing money from making the show, must have had a significant impact on Fox’s decision).

Maybe the power is shifting towards the masses after all.

Sixteenth Response – ASMR!… what?

I was thinking about how the internet has brought to light communities that most people had no idea existed or did not exist before. For example, the internet has brought together a community of asexuals together from around the world.

Well, there’s also another “community” that not many people know about. Some people refer to them as the “whispering community” because, well… Let me explain.

There are some people out there (including myself), that experience what is called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). For more information, go here:
Basically, people that experience ASMR feel a pleasurable tingling sensation on the back of their head/scalp that only occurs when triggered by external sources (although a few lucky people can trigger it by will, those lucky bastards). Nicknames for this sensation include head tingles and brain orgasms. As a person with ASMR myself, I can say I sincerely pity the majority of people that do not experience it.

Before I say what my triggers are for ASMR, I have to make a disclaimer here: IT IS NOT A FETISH. NOOOOOOOT. Nothing sexual about this! (and I can definitely say this since I am asexual!).

Anyway, the triggers vary depending on the person. The most common trigger for me is when someone speaks in a certain soft tone of voice. Other triggers I’ve had in the past include someone brushing my hair or playing with it, someone cutting my hair, certain accents, someone giving me close personal attention… my resident adviser once placed her hand on my shoulder for a second and it triggered it for ten minutes… Okay, moving on!

How does this relate to technology? Well, I never knew that only certain people experienced this sensation until I looked it up on Google one day. Then I found out that people on YouTube make videos specifically for this community. So, I started watching the videos… and for me and other ASMR people, they’re like crack. No, really. These videos are like digital drugs and I watch them just to experience this tingling “high”. I’m beginning to think that my addiction to ASMR videos is just as bad as porno addicts.

Anyway, here’s a link to a playlist of various triggers and explains about ASMR too!

(I don’t think this actually links to the playlist, so just search for it on YouTube, “gentlewhispering asmr day playlist”)

These videos will likely seem very… weird. I guess ASMR people like me are freaks. 😀

Here’s a good article. Everything he says is practically my life:

Fifteenth Response – More Robot Talk

In Japan, they made the female robot and recently created the male version. The purpose of these robots is for keeping the company of hospital patients and study how they interact with each other. The narrator goes on to say that these robots could be used for communicating with the elderly to stimulate their brains and for children with developmental disorders.

What I don’t understand is, why can’t humans continue to communicate with patients, elderly, and children? Why would we want to switch the jobs over to robots, which do not need the income? Why are we trying to shrink the amount of communication between real humans? I think this last question could have a devastating effect on human life.
The significant part in this article is the following:
“Another theory that seeks to explain Japan’s shrinking population is that Japanese youth spend too much time engaged with technology, living in virtual worlds or settling for virtual girlfriends rather than real ones.”

Is it possible that robots and technology will greatly contribute to the decrease in population, just like in Japan? What will happen when other countries adopt more technology and build robots? I really think that, if we continue to create robots, they will at some point reproduce more than humans (who may find no reason anymore for making babies).